About Us

Stork & Sprout is the Bay Area’s trusted birth and newborn team. Starting with prenatal childbirth education, and continuing with expert birth doula assistance during labor and postpartum care once you are home with your newborn, our team of experts provide a full range of services for new and growing families.

The weeks surrounding the arrival of a newborn baby is an all-consuming, life-changing span of time, and we believe the qualified and practiced guidance of the Stork & Sprout team can help make this period in your life a positive and empowering one. Doula support isn’t just for certain types of births, as some people believe; every experience – home or hospital, natural or medically assisted – can benefit from the services we provide.

Stork & Sprout supports ALL types of births and decisions about feeding your baby. There isn’t a single “right way” to do it – there are many paths to success in birthing and raising a child, so we provide a broad array of information, services, and resources in one place to help you find the support you need for whichever path you choose.