How We Work

Stork & Sprout is a private prenatal, birth and postpartum practice based in Burlingame, California, and we work with parents throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of our clients are planning for a hospital birth and simply want someone to help them prepare for the last few months of pregnancy, birth, and the baby’s first few weeks. We don’t provide medical services – only doctors, nurses and midwives are allowed to do that – but we work closely with all of them to help create the best possible birth experience. When you hire Stork & Sprout for birth and/or postpartum support you are hiring a team of doulas that helps to your to prepare for and normalize your birth and postpartum experience.

Stork & Sprout utilizes a team approach to service their clients. This allows couples the ease of finding all of its support and resources in one location. Birth doula services are provided via teams of experienced, highly-skilled, hand-selected doulas that utilize a rotating on-call schedule, with shifts that are typically 24 hours long. Each client is assigned a team member as their primary contact to send updates to and/or call when labor has begun. Once labor support is needed, the doula that is on call at that time will provide in-person labor support through their shift. Should your labor extend beyond a team member’s shift, a new refreshed doula will take over and provide some new energy and fresh support to you and your partner. Our team approach allows us to service multiple clients a month and provide quality labor support, regardless of the length of your labor and delivery.

This team approach also extends through the postpartum period, allowing couples access to multiple highly-trained and experienced postpartum doulas, ensuring each couple will receive the care they need.

For birth services, we provide the following care on a flat-fee basis:

  • Two 90 minute prenatal visits where you meet all members of the team
  • Ongoing telephone and email support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy
  • On-site support throughout labor and delivery
  • One post-birth visit

For postpartum services, parents are provided guidance, support, and practical information by an experienced postpartum doula for an hourly fee (a 3-hour minimum). Given the high-demand for both birth and postpartum support, Stork & Sprout also offers a package of six visits based on support through a two-week or three-week period. This allows couples to benefit from reserving availability in advance, receive priority in scheduling of visits, and a discounted price.

In addition to birth and postpartum services, Stork & Sprout also offers individualized education programs and consultation services. These include, but are not limited to, childbirth and breastfeeding education, assistance with creating birth plans, nursery organization, breast pump set up and assistance with maximizing pumping efforts, assistance with different baby carriers, strategies for preparing older siblings (especially toddlers) for the new baby’s arrival, and sleep strategies for the birth-6 week old period.

From years of experience, Stork & Sprout knows that each couple and family has individual needs and a specific set of concerns and desires. Our wide range of services are designed to assist with the broad spectrum of changing needs and concerns encountered during the “childbearing year.” Stork & Sprout offers several packages of services and beyond these, we often work with clients to design a customized and tailored plan of services and support to meet each specific situation.

Stork & Sprout also offers an apprentice doula program to help people new to the field develop the skills they need to become birth specialists. Interested doulas should email for further information, requirements, and details.