Education & Consultation

Stork & Sprout’s individualized education programs and consultation services provide expecting couples and families expanding through adoption or surrogacy with the skills, tools and information they need for welcoming their new additions and for thriving in the postpartum period.

Here is a select list of the ways we help moms, dads and partners educate and organize themselves for their lives with their new babies:

Private childbirth education $150 an hour

  • Instruction focused on your specific birth goals, desires for labor and individual circumstances
  • Writing (and using) a highly effective birth vision and specific strategies for different hospitals based on our intimate experience with their standard practices
  • Labor preparation that focuses on a plan for laboring at home, and designing an individualized labor support plan (based on how you process information and stimulus) with techniques your partner can use to help you during labor.

Newborn care $150 an hour

  • Home organization including preparing your nursery, review of what you supplies you have (and what you may need), and ideas for supporting your breast or bottle feeding experience.
  • Beyond, the basics of swaddling, bathing and soothing we will provide you and your partner information on baby behaviors and cues.
  • Baby carrier instruction for both you and your partner.
  • Tips, tricks and strategies for integrating your new baby into your toddler and/or older child’s life/lives.

Breastfeeding Support $250 an hour in home $175 an hour skype or phone consult


  • Prenatal breastfeeding assistance including basic instruction, review of basic supplies and equipment, what to expect during the early days and first few weeks.
  • Assistance with latch and positioning.
  • Baby behaviors, help mom and partner be able to read cues and meet baby’s needs.
  • Back to work assistance with breast pumps and pumping, including pump set up and instruction and education about how to maximize and maintain your breast milk production whether pumping exclusively, supplementing with expressed breast milk, or preparing for when mom returns to work.
  • Sleep strategies during the newborn period so that you can get as much rest as possible, and understand how babies sleep needs and routines evolve during their first two months of life.

Private in-home Prenatal Yoga $150

  • Private prenatal yoga sessions in the comfort of your home or at the yoga studio.
  • Each class is designed to suit your specific needs and accommodate each phase of your pregnancy.
  • Individual privates or Couple’s private yoga session offered.
  • Private sessions include childbirth preparation exercises, if desired.


While many families also hire Stork & Sprout for birth and/or postpartum doula support, there are also a number of people who are only interested in education and consultation services. Stork & Sprout provides these services in your home or in another location that is convenient for you. Please just let us know what you’re interested in as we love to provide customized care.