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Help your body get back to balance faster.

Professional placenta encapsulation with direct delivery to your home.

Many possible benefits include:

Increase in milk production

Increased release of the hormone oxytocin

Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone

Restoration of iron levels in the blood

A decrease in postpartum depression levels

Helps the uterus return to normal size

Happy Moms

Help your body get back to balance.

1. Schedule a Call

Enjoy a free, no pressure consultation and learn how simple the process will be.

2. Choose Your Service

Select the right options for you.

3. Get Fast Delivery

After processing, we deliver your encapsulated placenta directly to your home.

Simple Process Options

What happens after my placenta is picked up?

Our placenta encapsulation service offers both steamed and unsteamed processing options:

  • Steaming the placenta gently is believed to have tonifying, healing and warming properties
  • Unsteamed processing is believed to be more potent as the placenta is set for dehydration while still “raw”
  • Pill count will vary with placenta size and processing type (rough average is 80 pills)
  • A 50/50 process of both steamed and unsteamed can be accommodated (additional fees apply)
  • A placenta tincture can be created as an add-on to our standard service (additional fees apply)
  • Same day scheduling and pick up is possible (additional fees apply)
  • Immediate processing and fast delivery to your home
  • Only one placenta is processed at a time (early scheduling advised)

Professional Placenta Encapsulation

Trained and certified for safe handling and processing of your placenta.
$ 450
  • Flexible pick-up times with advanced sign up
  • Safe and immediate placenta processing
  • Fast delivery to your home