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“Thank you so much for helping us during the delivery of our second child. My birth experience was dramatically improved from the first and we will definitely be calling your for our third.” – Mama A.

“Thank you very much for all of your wonderful support during the birth of our son. Everything went just as we had hoped…big thanks to you!” – Mama A.

“Thank you so much for your help leading to and on baby’s birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a more magical birth. It was truly incredible. I felt so empowered when I realized what I was capable of. Baby is a joy and perfectly healthy! Thanks again for everything. Please use me as a reference or let me know what I can do to bring your amazing services to more lucky mamas.” – Mama K.

“One card is not enough to thank Jessica for the support before and especially during the birth. I was so interested in a natural birth but deep down wasn’t convinced I could “do” it, but with your help, before I knew it, he was here. Arriving to the hospital fully dilated was one of my life’s biggest surprises and glorious moments, but I would have only let myself get that far at home with expert hands. We are eternally grateful for your care.” – Mama S.

“Melissa – thank you so much for supporting us into the wee hours for the birth of Adam. It was a long process and I can’t imagine how we would have gotten through it without you. – Mama J.

“Thank you so much for your kind and compassionate help during my labor and birth experience! It was such a comfort during the night knowing that someone was with me so Dave could rest….and during the morning when things got really intense, having another pair of eyes and ears to comfort and help guide us was so great. Thank you both again!” – Mama L.

“Amazing! I don’t regret spending a cent on these women. My wife was able to have an all natural delivery because of these doulas. They are great! I thought that we would just get some advice and a little bit of help during delivery, but it turned out to be so much more. We couldn’t have done it without them! I highly recommend them to any expectant couple.” – Papa A.

“We knew we needed a hospital birth and we wanted doulas who were comfortable navigating an intervention-free birth in a medical environment (CPMC). Their professionalism and experience at the meet-the-doulas event gave us total confidence to hire them. There were times the doctors were talking about interventions, but they navigated us through each situation and kept me in a place of coping. In the end, I had a successful, drug-free, vaginal childbirth just like I’d wanted and now we get to delight in our baby boy. This doula team is compassionate and excellently skilled and neither my husband or I would dream of doing this again without them.” – Mama E.

“For postpartum care Cindy was our doula. Cindy was perfect, we couldn’t have anyone else than her. She was flexible about scheduling the hours of care and made herself available for extra nights when we decided to extend the contract. My husband, my baby and I totally loved her. She has a very special touch with newborn babies that is hard to explain in words. I had some challenges nursing and my baby had problems with night time sleep those first weeks, and Cindy was very supportive throughout the 3-4 weeks of postpartum care. The nights Cindy came home were highly anticipated by my husband and I, because we could rest and our baby also slept really well with her.” – Mama C.

“Thank you for helping me through my delivery last Monday. I can’t believe how much you and Jessica helped me. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. I will be forever thankful for your efforts in getting me through the process! ” Mama B. (a successful VBAC)

“When we got home from the hospital, Melissa made a follow up visit with us and helped my wife with breast feeding. The hospital nurses were awesome, but each nurse had a different opinion on why latching was so painful and difficult for my wife. They each had different techniques, but only one nurse was able to get my baby to latch on. Melissa gave us some tips and did some hands on with my wife. My wife said that it was the first time that my son had latched on and it wasn’t painful. Amazing!” – Papa A.

“Having a postpartum doula was actually my husband’s idea. Some of his friends’ wives had a difficult time recovering from childbirth, emotionally, and he thought it would help me to have someone to talk to. I thought it would be nice to have someone to show me how to care for our newborn. The postpartum team met and exceeded both of our expectations. When Cindy first showed up she said “I’m here to make sure you’re getting what you need”. She ran me a bath, made me a healthy lunch, and kept our daughter QUIET in our small house while I took a nap. I looked forward to her visits as a chance to relax, have a little “me” time, and to talk with someone about child-rearing and motherhood. Cindy showed me tricks for calming our baby, getting her to sleep and doing other things like bathing and clipping her nails. She also helped me deal with my own recovery and healing. Even though we have family in the area, Cindy’s calmness and experience was so important to keeping everyone healthy and happy. I enjoyed our time together immensely and was so grateful to have her on our team. I can’t thank you enough!” – Mama E.

“You helped us both feel more comfortable, physically and emotionally, throughout the whole process. Despite choosing to stray from my original birth plan, I am so happy with how everything went and feel good about my decisions. Bryan was not really hip to the idea of hiring a doula when I first started talking about it at the beginning of my pregnancy. He is singing a different tune now! When asked about how breastfeeding is going, he always tells his family about how you got us started on the right track immediately after birth, which we both think has contributed to our success. It was apparent from watching him during the birth, but also hearing him talk about it afterwards, that you made him feel much more comfortable in a situation that I’m sure was stressful and scary for him, too. Needless to say, we think you are AMAZING and will certainly recommend you to friends and family in the future!” – Mama J.

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