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You can have Postpartum Peace.

In-home day and night doula support for families with newborns.

Get hands-on practical assistance

Receive breastfeeding support and education

Build the confidence and skills to care for baby

Rest and recover while your doula cares for baby

Enjoy non-judgmental emotional support

Postpartum Peace

Package Options

Depending on your evolving needs, we offer:

  • Daytime, Overnight, or Evening doula support
  • Newborn education covering baby’s cues, handling, feeding, etc.
  • Aide in the normalization of new baby household
  • Completely non-judgmental emotional support
  • And much more

Happy Moms

Your Postpartum Peace service:

Relax at ease knowing your doula is there

Learn time-tested techniques to care for baby

Take the necessary time for self-care

Receive completely unbiased support and care

Sleep more peacefully throughout the night

Be at your best for yourself and your family